What should we pack? Where should we go? Where do we start?

Planning a Round The World trip is just as exciting as it is daunting. We went through the different stages of preparing that we’re sure most people go through in the same situation. We asked ourselves those same questions over and over again.

But, the questions can go on forever, and ultimately they will just play on your mind. Beginning the planning for a long term trip is difficult and can very easily become overwhelming. Our advice is to just pick a date, your first destination and go from there. 

To help you get ready for your RTW the trip, we have put together this Travel Resources page full of all our tips based on personal experiences and what we have learnt from being on the road for a year and a half now.

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We travelled from top to bottom of South East Asia, spent 8 months travelling around East Africa, and have been places from the coast, to mountains, caves and deserts. We've been in some pretty unique situations that often challenged our backpacks' supplies.

We now want to share with you what we've learnt!

Check out detailed information about what we took with us whilst travelling around the world.


Where do you begin? How do you go about it? How long should you travel for?

After independently going through the whole of South East Asia & a big part of East Africa, crossing all the borders overland on public transport, and still having fun whilst exploring each country, we think we got a gist of what successful travel planning is all about. 

Check out our advice on how to plan your long term independent travels.


We spent 6 months across Central and South East Asia and 8 months in East Africa on 30 USD a day for both of us.

Learn how we did that and read more about ways to keep on top of your finances.


Yes, they're boring but important... Learn how to get them and what happens if you overstay.


It's not easy to plan your vaccinations, medical kit supplies and decide which malaria pills to choose. It can also be scary to read all the government advice warning you about possible things that can go wrong when you visit the country you've always wanted to visit... So don't get overwhelmed and just check our safety and advice on how to stay healthy on the road.


It's a must! We really love our simple, affordable and reliable travel insurance that insures us for all the countries we're visiting for the whole year! Want to know which insurance we're using?

General Tips for life on the road

The whole 'travel' lifestyle is filled with many surprises and can even be quite confusing at times. So here is our super list of all the things we’ve learnt about long term travel and a few things we wish we knew before we started.

What's in our camera bag?