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Nairobi is a bustling city in the heart of East Africa. A modern city with a strong expat community where you can pretty much get all the things you are used to back home whilst discovering beautiful Kenyan culture. Although it isn’t the safest place to be a tourist of a night, there are many fun and exciting things to do and see in and around the city during the day. Scroll down to see what to do, what to visit and where to stay in Nairobi.


Nairobi Video City Guide




Visit Uhuru Gardens in Langata

(not to be confused with Uhuru Park in the CBD) Not too far from the city centre is the large open space that we found to be very quiet during the day. There are two large monuments that you can walk around, and another that was completely fenced off. If you walk around a bit you’ll be sure to spot the warthog family that lives there. Entry is free and you may even spot some parkour!


Walk around Karura Forest 

Our favourite place in all of Nairobi. You quickly forget that you are in a bustling city and can enjoy the nature around. There are proper walking/biking paths around the whole forest, a lovely restaurant called River Cafe' (it gets busy!), waterfalls, caves (not too impressive) and plenty of spots to just relax. At 600ksh (approx 6USD) we think it’s a reasonably priced day out.


Relax in CBD's Central Park

Also known as Uhuru Park, this is a large open space right in the middle of town. It has plenty of spots to have a picnic and just relax from the busyness of the town. DO NOT go here at night - it's not safe!


Walk around CBD during the day

The CBD is generally safe to walk around during the day. With plenty of cafes, alleyways and things to see, it is your best chance to get a feel of what Nairobi is like. Many people will try to offer you safaris trips when walking down Kenyatta avenue but usually give up once they see you are not interested. Using the phrase 'Kesho' will in most cases make that the locals leave you alone. 'Kesho' means 'tomorrow' in Swahili, and is a kind way of saying that you don't want anything.


Go on a moto tour with Savvy Riders 

See more of Nairobi on the back of a Savvy Rider moto. These guys are safe and will whisk you around town without having to worry about where you are or what's going on! They will even take you through the slums or right through the middle of the market (literally the middle of it!). 



KICC Helipad is only 500 KSH (5 USD) and offers awesome views of Nairobi. You can spot colourful markets down, busy streets and also learn something about Nairobi's history from the informational posters around the helipad.


Mind the traffic

The traffic in the city is horrible and it is used as an excuse by everyone. It takes a long time to get anywhere and you have to factor this in! Journeys that take 10 minutes without traffic can easily take over an hour when there is traffic. Mind the matatus - they are crazy and think they own the road.


Visit The Forest - The Adventure Centre

It is located on the outskirts of Nairobi, about an hour north of the CBD. You can get there either by arranging a taxi earlier or what we wish we've done - by a boda boda (motorbike). 
The forest has been designed to work with nature and bring you a whole lot of fun! They have highly professional staff who ensure that you have a great time but are always safe.

You can enjoy:

(we loved that one!)

(super fun!)

Horse riding

(think golf, but instead of clubs and a golf ball,
you use your feet and a football)

Forest walking

Mountain Biking


Team Building

Fly Fishing

Tree Planting


As well as their super fun activities, you can enjoy your lunch whilst looking out over the stunning view of the forest.


Check out our video about our experience at The Forest - The Adventure Centre.




Go out in Westlands

This is where people go to have a drink, dance and have fun! You'll find a mixture of locals, expats and tourists, all enjoying their beer or cocktail, especially during Happy Hour. We didn't head out that much for a drink, but did make it to the rooftop of Brew Bistro for their 2-4-1 Happy Hour (we were pleasantly surprised when we ordered a pitcher of beer and two were brought to our table).  We also heard good things about J's Bar and The Alchemist from expats, but didn't get a chance to check them out.


Be careful

Don't walk around Nairobi in the night. Try and take taxis even for short distances, and when in the taxi, make sure your windows are not open whilst you're using your mobile phone, as snatching them is quite a thing! If you have your phone snatched, don't get out of the car. Unfortunately you need to let it go, unless you want to chase the thief and be faced with his mates waiting around the corner.



The Brandy Bus in Karen

In the leafy green suburb of Karen, you can find this one-of-a-kind place to stay. The charming converted double decker bus has all the amenities you could possible need to have a peaceful and comfortable stay. It has the capacity to sleep 6 people (two double beds and two single beds), a bathroom built onto the back of the bus with hot water, kitchenette with all the cooking utensils, kettle, microwave, board games, books and outside the bus there is a large table with umbrella and fireplace.

The Brandy Bus is tucked away at the bottom of the owner's property with 24hr security. Little solar lamps guide you to the bus at night.

This was one of the funnest places we have ever stayed at! 

You can book your stay using their Air BnB page.



We were guests of The Forest - The Adventure Centre and The Brandy Bus but as always all the opinions are our own. 
This post contains an affiliate link, which means that if you book your accommodation through our links, we will earn a small commission fee. It doesn't affect the price you pay, and we get to sustain our website thanks to these small earnings.

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