Good To Go? Getting Yourself Ready For Long-Term Travel


Living that nomadic lifestyle is great. It opens you up to so many new experiences, cultures, and you might even learn a thing or two about yourself! But before you do all this, and you decide to go on a long-term adventure, not only do you have to ready your home to leave it behind, you've got to make sure that you are ready in your mindset, as well as in a practical sense, so you are really good to go! 

The Financial Prep

One of the biggest drains of going travelling is the financial aspect. Ultimately, there are so many different options for you. If you want to go down the loan route, there are companies like Personal Loans Now that can give you financial support, but as well as this, you have got to ensure that you have a decent amount of money stockpiled. Long-term travel is all well and good, but it's incredibly exhausting if you spend all your money getting to a place, to find that you need to come straight home because you don't have the money. You could always go somewhere on a working visa, allowing you to explore a country. 

Depending on where are you going to, you might want to embrace the digital nomad lifestyle that's so popular right now. Doing this can allow you to work a job, when all you require is a laptop, giving you the chance to go wherever you want. But with these sorts of jobs, it's about finding the right one for your lifestyle. There are companies that allow you to do administrative work as well as numerous other odd tasks. And they can pay you through sites like PayPal, so you can automatically turn it into the currency you are using right now!

Element5 Digital

Element5 Digital

Mental Preparation

You might think, “what do I have to prepare for?” Because you might not look before you leap, you can find yourself in hot water. If you are going as part of a couple, then you have that emotional support. But for those that are going by themselves, they need to ensure they are in the right mindset. Travelling by yourself can come with a lot of regrets, but also instil a spirit of adventure. Preparation is all well and good at this juncture, because the more you plan, especially if you have an itinerary, you've got an anchor in which to hang yourself upon. Because if you find yourself in one place that you don't like, or it becomes a bad experience, you have somewhere to move onto very soon. 

Also, think about the fact that you are leaving a lot of your life behind. For some people, they can't wait to get out on the road and experience the world, but for those that have friends and family, there can be a period of crippling self-doubt. Life is going to change a seismic amount so ensure you have the strength to cope is critical at this point. It's a long time coming, but if you can prepare for months, or even years before you head off, you will have mental reserves. Remember, travelling isn't all great; it can be stressful. On the plus side, this can teach you precisely what you are made of, or even turn you into a stronger person.

Getting Your Health In Check

Undertaking relevant research is crucial at this point. Because you need to be up-to-date on all of your vaccines, you also need to ensure that you have the relevant jabs. It all depends on the country are going to, but also think about any medication. Medication can be challenging to acquire in other countries, so if you have a reliance on an asthma pump or a pill, make sure you have your prescriptions, and that they are to hand, should an emergency arise. In this respect, it's always worth having an understanding of some of the foreign languages, not just ordering food and the like, but in terms of medication, you need to know what they are known as in other countries.

And as you are going to be testing your mental reserves, you may also be testing your physical ones! You are going to be doing a lot of walking, even if you think that there’s public transport everywhere; if you want to get to the foothills of a mountain, you've got to traverse a lot of rough terrains. Ensuring that your body is, to an extent, a temple will make things easier. It's overstated, but ensuring that you don't have any mineral or vitamin deficiencies as an excellent place to begin. It might be worth getting one of those health tests so you can give your body and mot. Think about incorporating some strength training a few months before heading off. You need to ensure that you acclimatise to specific temperatures. If you're going to another country where it's unbearably hot, you could try something like hot yoga, as provided by places like Fierce Grace. And as tricky as it is at the outset, once you start to get used to these things, you can focus on enjoying your time more rather than complaining about the heat! But remember to do it bit by bit. Forcing your body or shocking it can result in adverse effects.

Usman Omar

Usman Omar

Remember To Enjoy!

There is a lot of preparation involved in going on long-term travel that you might not feel ready to go by the time all the admin work is done. But you have to remember that it's all for a better life. However long you plan on going for, you will feel by exploring the world, you get an appreciation of what is great in life. Whether you want to experience other cultures, or you need time to yourself, always remember, if you enjoy yourself, it will make everything better. Sometimes we need to get away from life as we know it, and it going away, it makes us appreciate what we've got at home. Always remember to enjoy yourself and get the most out of every little moment.


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