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London, Paris, Dubai, Barcelona... whaaat?!

This is what we found doing a quick Google search about 'the best cities to visit in 2018'. Okay, there were some 'alternative' ones too, like Copenhagen or Seville, but come on - everyone has heard of these cities already. Pinterest is flooded with Seville and Copenhagen guides.

We decided to bring you something fresh and off-the-beaten track - the cities we visited in 2017 that we think you would love visiting on your 2018 trips! We went for the ones that combine affordability, awesome and friendly vibe, unique adventures or unique sights and yummy food. And on top of that, we decided to share with you the first episode of HandZaround City Video Guide, which you can find at the bottom of this article. Stay tuned because we have more of them coming!


Here is our
Top 10 alternative Cities to Visit in the World in 2018
and the reasons why we loved them:


Don Det Laos Top 10 Cities To Visit in 2018 | HandZaround.jpg

10. Don Det, Laos

Cycling around the island on the little dirt tracks.

Swimming in the Mekong River alongside the local buffalos.

Stunning sunset views every evening from the little beach.

Phnom Penh Cambodia Top 10 Cities To Visit in 2018 | HandZaround.png

9. Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Learning about the history of Khmer Rouge. 

Hanging out at the Box Park and trying some new Cambodian delicacies (i.e. fried bugs!).

Discovering the art scene and attending a local film-shorts evening at Bophana Centre.

Mui Ne Vietnam Top 10 Cities To Visit in 2018 | HandZaround.jpg

8. Mui Ne, Vietnam

Scootering around to explore the red and white sand dunes and the old fishing town.

Walking through the magical Fairy Stream.

Discovering that Mui Ne is a chilled and relaxed city in comparison to other ones in Vietnam.


026_Top 10 Cities To Visit in 2018 | HandZaround.jpg

7. Hoi An, Vietnam

The beautifully preserved old town – we felt like we were taken back in time to the 1800’s.

Trying our hand at some local farming and fishing techniques with Hoi An Ecotourism.

Seeing traditional Vietnamese performances free of charge in the old town.

Things To Do in Addis Ababa HandZaround GoAddis Tours.jpg

6. Addis Ababa, Ethiopia

Safe and pretty relaxed city.

Enjoying super cheap and delicious local food.

Walking in the back streets around the colourful shops and small cafes makes you feel like a local!

Washington DC USA Top 10 Cities To Visit in 2018 | HandZaround.jpg

5. Washington DC, USA

Visiting the best museum we have ever been to - The Newseum (a bit expensive but totally worth it).

The feeling of how clean and green the city was when walking around.

The food trucks – they were soooo good, and so cheap!

003_Top 10 Cities To Visit in 2018 | HandZaround.jpg

4. Siem Reap, Cambodia

The bustling night life on Pub Street where every night is a party.

Celebrating the Khmer New Year (15-17 April).

Exploring the Angkor Wat temple complex on the scooter.

005_Top 10 Cities To Visit in 2018 | HandZaround.jpg

3. Koh Phangan, Thailand

Staying in a beach hut and lazing about in a hammock.

Awesome food market with pad thai, dim sim and won ton soup.

Discovering 'Mason's Arms' - an English Pub with cold pints!

033_Top 10 Cities To Visit in 2018 | HandZaround.jpg

2. Bangkok, Thailand

Partying at the Trasher Party!

All the food!

The fact that you can get a yummy cheap soup from a street cart parked next to a glamourous shopping mall.

027_Top 10 Cities To Visit in 2018 | HandZaround.jpg

1. Luang Prabang, Laos

Kuang Si Waterfalls!

The architectural beauty of the city.

All our needs met in one place - affordable, beautiful, has a small party-scene, has cultural sights and natural sights.




Luang Prabang
City Video Guide


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