Made in Cambodia: Behind The Scenes of Siem Reap's Tuk Tuk Bar

Siem Reap, April 2017

Buzzing streets, bright lights, lots of tourists, loud music and cheap drinks. The centre of Siem Reap is one of a kind and we haven't seen the drinking culture as easily available as they have it here. Zach's 30th birthday couldn't happen in a more suitable location and we've chosen to be here on both our birthdays (April!) totally by accident. 
When we walked down the streets around Pub Street, where all the magic happens after you have a few $1 beers, we stumbled on endless amounts of Tuk Tuk Bars. But there was only one that won our attention and eventually hearts (and left us having the biggest hangover ever the day following Zach's birthday) !

After we healed our foggy heads, we walked up where it all started. The young Cambodian lad noticed us and frantically looked for the exit from the inside of his tuk tuk. He found it at the back of the trailer and squished himself between two tightly parked bikes. Now he was running towards us waving his arms and screaming:

Miky No Name Bar Handzaround Alcohol Siem Reap Pub Street Tuk Tuk Bar Drinks

Miky was one of the friendliest people we have met on our journey and we decided to help him spread the word about his little business. The rest is waiting for you to be seen & heard in the short video we made about Miky and his No Name Tuk Tuk Bar.

Would you please help us spread the word about Miky's No Name Tuk Tuk Bar?
Maybe we can help him get his message across to the Cambodian President!?
Maybe we can all share his story so that everyone who goes to Siem Reap knows about No Name Tuk Tuk Bar?
The competition is high with the tuk tuk bars scattered all around Siem Reap, but Miky's one is one of its kind, definitely winning them all!

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You can usually find Miky
around this location, in Siem Reap
(crossing of the Street 9 & Street 11).

No Name Tuk Tuk Bar usually opens around 7pm and closes late at night.

Miky sometimes takes a break during holidays such as Khmer New Year (in April) or similar events, but most of the time you can find him there! 

You can also follow the bar's Facebook page for more information!