Exciting Few Months Ahead & Our New Business


After a car ride, train, bus, taxi, plane, plane, plane and another car ride, we’re finally in Melbourne! Somehow, those flights to the other side of the world don’t ever become easier - it doesn’t matter how long and how far we’ve travelled! 

Since we came back from Rwanda four months ago, we were lucky enough to travel around Europe, catch up with friends and family in London and Poland, and we also planned to catch up on all our African and European content but our New Zealand trip happened so unexpectedly! We were lucky to be involved in an amazing project that took us to to the other side of the world and if you haven't seen it yet, below is the video we created.


We were so busy with new projects that we had to put our travel films from Rwanda, Kampala and Kenya and European summer on hold and we only finished about half the blog posts from those amazing destinations! We can't wait to share it all with you as soon as we can.

Our next move for now is Australia!

As some of you might know, Zach is from Melbourne and we spent some time in Australia just after visiting Nepal, India and Sri Lanka, almost two years ago! This time though, we're going to stay here for longer and we have very exciting plans. 

Discovering what's around Melbourne, Geelong, The Bellarine Peninsula and The Great Ocean Road is on the top of our list - of course right next to establishing our new HandZaround Video & Photography business in Geelong & Melbourne.

For the last two years of our travels we've had a chance to work with some really amazing hotels, lodges, bars, restaurants and travel brands on video and photo content. We really enjoyed this as it took us to some incredible places and let us learn through pretty unique experiences. That's why we'll be focusing on working with businesses in Australia now and discovering Zach's home country. 

Besides that, we're also developing our family video and photography side of the business as this is something that Hanna has done for years before we left London. Capturing special moments for families really makes us happy! Plus we just really love meeting people and hearing their stories!

We're not done with Africa either - we still need to finish where we ended up last and see more of this stunning continent. We're already thinking how to handle things and how to go about travelling during our next trip there. From our 8 months travelling through the East of the continent we learnt that it's a bit tricky to travel with our camera gear (it's quite compact but it does weigh a bit!) whilst backpacking in an affordable way. Of course, travelling super light would solve the problems but we can't imagine not photographing and filming all we learnt and saw on the way, and creating videos like the one we did about Ethiopia

This year, and the coming years, we're hoping to get more of the 'bigger projects' like promoting countries in collaboration with tourism boards or travel agencies. We really loved working on our New Zealand video as it perfectly connected both things we love: travelling & filming. Hopefully more of those projects coming soon!

So here is to the next exciting few months exploring another 'new' destination! And we just wanted to tell you to keep your eyes out for our short Geelong film coming soon... have you ever heard of this city? 

Thanks for visiting our blog guys - we hope that wherever you're going to next, you'll find some useful advice or ideas on our blog.

Safe travels!
Hanna & Zach