Our Last Minute Trip To New Zealand

14th July 2018, Auckland, New Zealand


Last minute decisions are definitely part of our life but five days ago, on Monday, we found out that we would be flying to New Zealand in the following 48 hours! That was the most 'last minute' we've ever done - 2 days later we found ourselves flying literally to the other side of the world!

If you follow us on Facebook, you may have seen that we discovered we got funding for our film project in New Zealand and we reached out to fellow Kiwis on Kiwis in London Facebook Group & Chat. We asked them to help us make our project come true by letting us meet their friends & family back in their home - New Zealand.

The response we got was overwhelming! It literally made us cry. The whole idea of our film is to show the kindness of New Zealanders which they show to visitors to their country. When living in London we've always experienced how friendly our Kiwi friends and flatmates were and now we want to share it with the rest of the world.

And so, even before flying to NZ, we were flooded with kind messages, invitations and recommendations on where to go, where to stay and what to see. We got invited to visit farms, have dinners and enjoy some beers with New Zealanders who we have never met before! How crazily amazing is that?!

We have now arrived to Auckland and are slowly getting over our jet-lag and getting used to the colder weather. We are super excited to start our journey which we planned in the last 72 hours! It's pretty incredible how many things humans can achieve in a short amount of time if they're motivated...

We're picking up our campervan tomorrow and are planning on covering over 1500km in North & South Islands to meet the lovely families who invited us to their homes. 

We're not sure what to expect but are so excited about our last minute adventure! We can't comprehend how two days ago we were still in sunny Poland and now we're getting ready to set of on a two week journey across New Zealand.

So, stay tuned for what happens next - we have no idea as we let Kiwis In London to decide it for us, but what we know is that this is going to be fun and we absolutely can't wait to share our film with you!

In the meantime you can see our other films on our Vimeo.

Auckland welcomed us with a pretty amazing sunset yesterday!