Only Two Months in Africa Left: Leaving Kenya for Uganda and Rwanda | HandZaround

19th February 2018, Kisumu in Kenya

The last 3 months have been busy! We've covered thousands of kilometres all around Kenya - from the Ethiopian border to the Ugandan border (which we're about to cross tonight). 


Leaving Kenya

We travelled on feet, boda-bodas (motorbikes), tuk-tuks, matatus (crazy mini-buses), Ubers, cars, buses and trains! It has been quite exhausting but we've loved discovering that Kenya is so much more than wild animals and national parks.

We really cannot wait to share with you our Kenya travel film. We've been to many places on Kenya's beautiful coast, with white sand beaches and stunning cliffs, through Kenya's bustling cities of Nairobi, Mombasa, Nanyuki, Kisumu, and many more; we've seen heaps of African animals in Kenya's parks and conservancies, we trekked with Maasai through pretty desolate areas, and saw beautiful forests, deserts, lakes and savannahs. We met some lovely people, who were proud to share with us their knowledge about their country. It may not have been easy the whole time, but we got the best out of our three month stay here!

So, we're really looking forward to looking through our Kenyan memories and putting them together in a short film to show you. It will probably be a while though, because with only two months left in Africa, we want to make the most out of it!


Only two months left!

We can't believe the time has passed so quickly! With three months spent in Ethiopia, and three months in Kenya, we only have two months left before we head back to Europe for some time. We just love sticking around in the countries for way too long... But we think that's the only way to get to really know them.

The plan was to reach Tanzania/Malawi by May, but we just are too slow, filming and photographing all the amazing places, so we booked the ticket back to Europe for the 16th of April, and decided to spend our leftover time in Rwanda and Uganda.


Plan for 2018

As much as we're loving it here, in East Africa, we also can't wait to have fun with our friends and family, as well as work on some awesome travel film & photo projects in Europe and Australia. The rest of 2018 should be lots of fun! We have a few European countries on the radar, especially Poland, Germany, Austria and Hungary, but we're also thinking lots about UK, Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden, Spain and Portugal... let's see what the coming months bring us!

And in September, we are so looking forward to try and make it to Australia, to spend time with Zach's friends and family, and to do some awesome travel projects, before we come back to explore more of Eastern and Southern Africa in January 2019. Let's hope this all works out! We're masters of changing all last-minute, and saying 'yes' to unexpected adventures, so who knows what will really happen.


On to Uganda and Rwanda

And tonight wish us luck... we're making an enormous bus journey from Kenya's border straight to Rwanda's capital, Kigali. We're planning on staying there for a month or so - we're saving Uganda for later and just passing through the whole country for now. We're so excited to explore these two new countries that have always been on our list. The only thing we're not looking forward to are the bus rides... But luckily, East Africa has really awesome comfy buses - we paid 5 USD more for a ticket and we got a VIP seat (woop woop!). It's a big free standing armchair that takes one whole row in the bus. How cool is that?!