HandZaround published in The Rolling Home Journal

The Rolling Home Book Handzaround

Our story with The Rolling Home began a couple of years ago when our flatmate brought home a book titled 'The Rolling Home'...
We fell in love with the beautiful imagery and the story of Calum, Lauren and their awesome van.

Since then, we have been following their journey, and when their next publication 'The Rolling Home Journal' was released, we couldn't be more excited to get our hands on it!

But by then, we had already been travelling for a couple of moths and couldn't order a copy to our house, since we didn't, and still don't have one. But whilst visiting in Australia, our amazing friend, Jess, surprised us with this beautiful yellow Journal full of wonderful travels, vans and people's stories! 
We loved its contents and were really inspired by all the awesome humans featured in the 1st Issue. 

Whilst back in Aus, we spent a bunch of time in the Caravan Park, in Barwon Heads, in the van that belongs to Zach's parents. Hanna totally loved the surroundings and couldn't stop photographing the beautiful nature and rusty vans. This all inspired a short story which has made it to the Rolling Home Journal Issue Two! 

We cannot be more thrilled that we are published in a print magazine that we love so, so much, and are next to other amazing travellers discovering the idea of the alternative living.

If you want to see our 8-page story, hurry up and buy the 2nd Issue of the Journal here!

A snapshot sent to us by our parents, who are lucky enough to have the Journal already!

A snapshot sent to us by our parents, who are lucky enough to have the Journal already!


Their 1st edition of the hardcover book sold out, and the 1st Issue of the Journal left them with only a few boxes...

For now, we still haven't seen the original printed copy and we can't wait to hold it in our hands when we see Zach's parents in May. Luckily though, we have seen a few snapshots of the 2nd Issue and it looks even more incredible than the 1st one!