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With the holiday season around the corner, we decided to put together a list of all the practical things that we use everyday in our travels. Doesn’t matter if the lucky person you’re going to gift is planning a weekend away somewhere in Europe, a van trip through the roads of USA, an adventure in Africa or a backpacking joint through SouthEast Asia - we guarantee that they will find these things useful!

And there is something for every pocket - going from the lowest to the highest prices, here are some great ideas for the gifts for travel lovers:


1. LifeStraw Bottle

Not only you can save money because you can drink tap water (the filter kills 99.99% of dangerous bacteria), but using LifeStraw Bottle you don’t contribute to the world’s problem with plastic. We’ve been using our bottles for over a year now and they’re irreplaceable.


Zach filling in his LifeStraw Bottle from a waterfall in Thailand

Zach filling in his LifeStraw Bottle from a waterfall in Thailand

Zach filling in his LifeStraw Bottle from a waterfall in Thailand

Zach filling in his LifeStraw Bottle from a waterfall in Thailand


2. Scrubba

Such a great invention! When travelling, it’s not always easy to find a laundry and if you need to wash something quickly but your sink doesn’t have a plug - Scrubba is a perfect solution. It’s a waterproof bag that lets you scrub your clothes to clean. It now comes as 2-in-1 - a waterproof daypack and a wash bag.



3.Solar charger

Much more practical than a power bank - not only does it let you charge your phone, but also has a torch and charges when exposed to sunlight! We're using this affordable black & orange one and it's been doing a great job for the last year.




4. Cool camera strap

Not only does it look cool but it also doesn’t attract potential thieves to your camera - carrying an original CANON 5D or SONY strap really attracts eyes! Plus, branded camera straps don’t look good in the pics, we have to admit it!



5. small flexible tripod

Asking other people to take photos is a pain, especially if they don’t know how to use a camera. So a little flexible tripod that can stand on its own or be attached to a rail or a thick tree branch, can solve the problem! It’s also so useful if you’re trying to take nice long exposure shots!



6. Compressible pillow

If you travel without your own little pillow, are you even a traveller?! Haha! Our pillows compress nicely into a long strip that we clip onto our backpacks and when unfolded, they're quite big and fluffy. We found them useful sleeping on the buses, trains and planes, and when pillows in the hostels looked too suspicious…



7. travel adapter

Self explanatory! Nothing worse than visiting a country and having to look for the socket adapters, only to find them costing 5 times the price at the airport!



8. Waterproof / drybag

Whether you want to protect your wallet if you're on a boat or your washing didn't dry in time for your flight - just put it into this waterproof bag and you don't have to worry!



9. Travel towel

So much better than a normal towel. It's small, thin, dries super fast and it's lightweight. 



10. packaway waterproof jacket

So this might not be a fancy looking accessory, but if you are in the middle of the town and the rain is pouring down, you’ll be grateful for it! We use these foldable waterproof jackets that pack away to a small square - they always fit everywhere.




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