We're Hanna and Zach, a production team of just two.

Whether you're a travel company, platform, an interesting cafe or a hotel, searching for something that will make you stand out from the crowd, we're happy to help. We strive to create beautiful and engaging content that best fits your aesthetic and brand messaging. We're here to help you come up with a vision or ensure that the vision you have is met. 

We don’t have a warehouse full of equipment, which some might see as limiting - however we see it as a situation full of benefits. Thanks to that we produce photographs and films faster. We’re very flexible and there are no middle men involved, which means the production costs are smaller. We are two real people that understand the importance of human interactions - our works are genuine, full of emotions and have a touch of our unique style. We have professional knowledge and experience gained through our constant travels and education. We are all about engaging the audience and making them lost in the world that you want to take them to, at the same time always staying authentic.




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Does your tour, cafe, shop or hotel need a short promotional or documentary film? Are you in need of a new set of photographs? We strive to create content that best fits your aesthetic and speaks to the audience interested in your business. The visuals are so important in today's digital world - through creating them we craft stories that touch people's hearts.


Does your tour need coverage to show the customers what it's all about? Take us with you! We can offer you wonderful photography, stunning film, and engaging stories. With all of this, your clients-to-be will easily imagine how awesome it's to be on your tour. Make them plan their next adventure with you!


Do you have anything that you would like us to promote? Whether it's a hotel, bar or a restaurant or you simply have a one-of-a-kind experience, service or a product, which travellers can't live without, we're happy to help you spread the word. We could write an article about it and promote it across all of our social media, as long as your values stand right next to ours!


Your business has great photographs and is ready to welcome potential customers but doesn't have a website? We can help with that! We would happily help you set up a website with beautiful images, graphic design and content that will attract your audience.
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Promoting your services or products to the right niche audience might turn out very valuable.
Whether it's a side-bar, banner advertisements or in-post links, we would be happy to promote you, if only you're the brand that fits within the values we represent. 


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Our gallery of photographs and videos presents you with the projects created for our clients ranging from five star resorts, to boutique hotels, luxurious B&Bs and exclusive lodges. The image created by us were used in social media campaigns, in-house promotion, print and online ads, as well as social media content.

Below you can also find our video showreel that presents you with the best scenes from the promotional videos created by us in 2017 across Asia, USA and Africa. It features our clients ranging from five star resorts, to boutique hotels, luxurious B&Bs and exclusive lodges, who used our films for social media campaigns, in-house promotion and TV ads.


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Our gallery presents you with the photographs of trips, excursions, activities, as well as natural environments. The photographs are the outcome of commissioned projects or collaborations for and with our clients ranging from small local businesses to international companies, including tourism boards, national parks and adventure centres.

The gallery of promotional videos created by us across Europe, Asia and Africa, features commission based, collaboration and personal projects with travel agencies, tour operators, tourism boards and others. 

Our 'Ethiopia' short travel film has received over 800,000 views across different social media platforms and have been shared over 18,000 times. It has been shared by Ethiopian Embassies, Ethiopian Airlines, travel platforms such as UniLad Adventure, Must Do Travels and others.

The photographs and videos presented below have been used in international social media campaigns, across social media platforms, on TV, and in print.


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Maria McKenzie, Lonely Planet:

Hanna and Zach’s video perfectly captures the magic of east Africa’s diverse and stunning landscape. Featuring a mixture of sweeping drone shots, first-person footage and timelapse, we feel as though we’ve been along for the adventure. Hat tip to them both for some top-notch editing skills.

degosach eco lodge lalibela handzaround photography and film services

 Molla Kassaw, Degosach Eco Lodge Owner, Ethiopia:

We found Zach & Hanna from HandZaround when doing a search for photographers & filmmakers for our Eco lodge. We are so glad we found them! They were so incredibly professional and welcoming. They spent 3 days at the lodge shooting a short film about the story of the Eco lodge.  They also created most professional photographs. 
They were extremely welcoming, providing ideas... Every email and communication from HandZarround was so friendly and professional and they are just the loveliest couple! From the first meeting they really took the time to find out what we wanted and answer any questions we had. On location they made everyone feel completely at ease, they even went an extra mile to deliver more
than we wanted!
Everyone commented on how brilliant the photos and film were and I don't think we could have found anyone better! Thank you HandZaround for giving us such precious photos & film that we will treasure forever!

David Desta, Marketing Manager of Kuriftu Resort & Spa Bahir Dar:

The video of our property is amazing and truly captures the beauty and essence of the property and Lake Tana. I thoroughly enjoyed viewing the Kuriftu Resort experience through the video.  The video quality and transitions/stitching are perfect. The site selection and scenery choices were also spot on. HandZaround's experience in showcasing hospitality properties is great.

kuriftu resort bahir dar handzaround photography and film services

hoi an ecotourism vietnam handzaround

Hoang, Hoi An Ecotourism Owner, Vietnam:

Hanna and Zach are (...) very professional, patient and truly passionate in what they do that was shown to us through the quality of their product. Working with them was easy. It was a pleasure to deal with them from the beginning to the end - it was perfect. We can not say enough how much we love our film, photos and words which they produced for our business. We really appreciate it. We are so happy to be a part of your journey. Once again, thank you for becoming our friends and thank you for all your help for our business. We definitely recommend Hanna and Zach to everyone, who works in tourism like us (...).

Diane & Mieke Bekaert, House Jane Owners, Cambodia:

Hanna & Zach, such talented photographers and still so young! So blessed that they were the ones, who shot our House Jane… We have no words to describe how much we love our photos and movie and have received so many compliments on them too. They are very professional and truly passionate in what they do and that comes through in the quality of their work.
You guys are a perfect team and we wish you all the best for the future! Hopefully you let us and the world enjoy much of what may still come...

intercontinental addis hotel ethiopia handzaround film and photography services

Finan Solomon, Marketing Manager of Intercontinental Addis Hotel, Ethiopia:

It's been pleasure working with Hanna and Zach. With the eyes of true artists they captured video and photographs that were beautiful. We thank them for their service and wish them very best in their amazing journey around the world while they share their skills. All the very best from Intercontinental Addis Hotel!

Nguyễn Ngọc Hân, Thanh Kieu Resort Manager, Vietnam:

Thank you so much for all of the fabulous pictures you took of our resort. We really appreciate that you photographed all the little details and efforts you put into capturing everything. You were working hard for 7 days at our hotel, and we got many pictures that show different aspects of our business. The video that you created is especially amazing. You are both so friendly, helpful, and you gave us some great memories of a beautiful day. Hope we can both cooperate again to update our visual library in the future when you come back to Viet Nam. We definitely recommend you to everyone, who has a resort, tour agency, a bar or a café…
Once again, many thanks for choosing our resort.

Emma Heath, 525 Bar Manager, Laos:

When we asked HandZaround to create us a video that captured the beauty of Luang Prabang alongside the uniqueness of 525 we never could have imagined what a magical video the talented duo would make for us. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication. We were so lucky to have you as part of the team at 525.

Sophov Phy, Manager of the Ring Boutique Hotel, Cambodia:

This couple is amazing. It felt as if we were friends, but they worked in a professional way. All the work they have done here is awesome and we can't take our eyes off it. I like all the pictures and video, which they made for my business. Thank you for becoming our friends and thank you for your beautiful gift for our business. I really appreciate it. I'm so happy to be a part of your journey.

Kellen Johnson, MandaLao Owner, Laos:

Working with HandZaround was one of the most easy going and professional experiences that I have had the pleasure of dealing with in my short time as a business owner. The crew from HandZaround definitely has their own style but I appreciated this because it is something that I lack. It may have been because of the business and the experience that we provide that made shooting and gathering content easy but more I think it speaks to the talent of these two young film producers and their ability work with and edit what they have. We invited them out to our elephant project only two times and this was enough for them to put together a short film that I am ecstatic about. I had the opportunity to see three other films that they put togeather for other business in the area, a bar and a cafe and I can say their work is consistent and professional. All this talk about their movies and I haven't even mentioned their photos! Their photos have helped me expand my social media presence exponentially and helped me build so much content and giving me ideas as to how I can expand on what I already had. Thank you so so much for the help!

Lay Eichenberger, Thongbay Owner, Laos:

I can not find the correct words how to say it - the video is so great and beautiful. We never expected something beautiful like this so we all are very surprised. We would like to express our thanks for your really great job. The music is so great and matches the video perfectly! I can imagine that it took a lot of work to create a film like that. We truly appreciate your work for us. We are very, very happy to have such a great video about our Thongbay and we are sure that our guests will appreciate it as well.

Hang Nguyen, Koi Resort & SPA's Marketing and Communication Manager, Vietnam :
I've met Zach & Hanna when working for KOI Resort & Spa Hoi An as the person in charge of Marketing & Communication for the resort. Zach & Hanna showed us a different perspective of KOI that we have never noticed before. This was a big surprise for us. If there is one word to describe their work, it should be 'passionate'.

William Bergmann, Hollywood Bed and Breakfast's Owner, USA:

Hanna and Zach were consummate professionals and did exactly as they promised when the visited our B&B. I only wish I were a better speaker for their interview. In particular, I loved their still shots that we are now using on our expanded website. It's nice to work with friendly, competent pros like them.


If you are interested in working with us, you want to get a quote or to get in touch, please email us on: