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We strive to create content that best fits your aesthetic and overall style of your business.
We would like to get to know you and discuss all the aspects of the project, so that we are sure that your vision is met.
We don't have a set way of working - each brief is tailored to your needs. We have worked with a variety of hotels, cafΓ©s, bars and tourist businesses on developing their visual profile and social media content. Below you can find examples of our previous works that showcase the diversity of the projects we have worked on and our ability to create unique content befitting the customer.


Thongbay Guesthouse in Luang Prabang, Laos


This was a five day project that involved producing a range of new photographs and a short film that highlights what Thongbay Guesthouse has to offer.

The management wanted us to showcase their bungalows, garden area, reception and two restaurants - one within the garden and the other by the river.
This project involved two and a half days of filming and photographing, followed by two and half days of editing the final content.

Thongbay Guesthouse is situated about 20mins walk from the centre of Luang Prabang along the Nam Khan River. It consists of a collection of beautiful wooden bungalows that either face the lush, green garden or overlook the river. In the photographs and the film, we strived to capture this green and quiet piece of paradise that would let any guest feel relaxed and at peace, as well as the coziness and natural decor of the bungalows' insides.

Lay Eichenberger, Thongbay's Owner's Testimonial:

I can not find the correct words how to say it - the video is so great and beautiful. We never expected something beautiful like this so we all are very surprised. We would like to express our thanks for your really great job. The music is so great and matches the video perfectly! I can imagine that it took a lot of work to create a film like that. We truly appreciate your work for us. We are very, very happy to have such a great video about our Thongbay and we are sure that our guests will appreciate it as well.

Thongbay Guesthouse - Inside, Outside & Food


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