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We don't have a set way of working - each brief is tailored to your needs. We have worked with a variety of hotels, cafΓ©s, bars and tourist businesses on developing their visual profile and social media content. Below you can find examples of our previous works that showcase the diversity of the projects we have worked on and our ability to create unique content befitting the customer.


Siam Cookies Resort in Koh Phangan, Thailand

Siam Cookies Resort Photographs


This was a short two day project that involved one day of photographing and filming and one day of editing.

Whilst doing the photographs and a short film for Siam Cookies, we were given creative freedom so in the short film we decided to showcase how peaceful and tranquil we found the resort. The wooden huts were quite modest and the strongest characteristic of the resort was the island nature around them so we've chosen it as our main focus point.
The lifestyle photographs we have created for social media channels of Siam Cookies present the viewer with the relaxed and close-to-nature vibe that the resort offers.


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