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We strive to create content that best fits your aesthetic and overall style of your business.
We would like to get to know you and discuss all the aspects of the project, so that we are sure that your vision is met.
We don't have a set way of working - each brief is tailored to your needs. We have worked with a variety of hotels, cafés, bars and tourist businesses on developing their visual profile and social media content. Below you can find examples of our previous works that showcase the diversity of the projects we have worked on and our ability to create unique content befitting the customer.


Novelty Café in Luang Prabang, Laos

Novelty Café - Décor, Food, Drinks, Owner and George (her dog)


This was a three day project that involved creating two short films and a gallery of up to 30 images. The owner asked us to capture 'the quirkiness' and uniqueness of her café as well as her lovable dog George.

This project involved two days of filming and photography and one day of editing.

Quirky with a vintage feel, Novelty Café focuses on delicious artisan coffee, home-made meals, resplendent desserts and fruity cocktails. The coffee shop also offers a book exchange and is a place where people can relax and chat or spend their afternoons working on their laptops.

Nanta Faber, Novelty Café's Owner's Testimonial:

Pending - we have just finished the project and we're waiting for its review.

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