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Manda Lao Elephant Experience

Manda Lao Photographs


This project involved capturing a range of different images of the elephants interacting with each other and the customers as well as a short film to showcase the intimate human-elephant experience.

In order to produce successful content, we participated in the trek with the elephants twice, on two separate days, and spent a further two days editing the photos and one day editing the film - a total of five days of work.

Manda Lao is a non-riding elephant experience focused on education and animal welfare, hence in the photographs we strived to capture all the details that create a unique tour - meeting with the guide, feeding the animals, giving them a bath, trekking along their side and most importantly being able to interact with them in a friendly and intimate way. 

The video focuses on the beauty of these enormous animals, the views surrounding them, as well as the guests, who appreciate and respect Manda Lao's elephants.

Michael Vogler, Manda Lao's Owner's Testimonial:

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