HandZaround's FAQ

Can we keep all the photographs you’ve taken?

Unfortunately not - we take all the photographs in RAW format. This means their colours and format need to be edited in order for you to be able to see them. We do take a lot of photographs, but choose only the best ones that go to you. You will receive as many photographs as we discussed.

What about the copyrights/usage rights?

Usage rights and/or copyrights are rights to using the visual content we create for you. These rights regulate the use of the created content on digital and print media platforms and define how the content can be used. 

The images and/or film that we create for you will indirectly generate you income that we are not entitled to. That's why in most of our projects we tend to charge for the usage rights (in accordance with AOP Usage Rights Calculator) on top of our daily rate or we discuss other, free options of usage rights. Each case is discussed individually with our client. 

We always provide our clients with possible options:

1. Free use of the content , our watermark/logo included
Copyrights, of the visual content we created for you, belong to us, but you are welcome to use the images/video on your media platforms. The images will have an opaque www.handzaround.com watermark at the bottom (photographs).
In terms of films, we'll ensure you will receive a link to the file, which you will then be able to embed on your website, blog posts or other platforms. Besides that, we will upload the video to our Facebook fanpage and use the crossposting option. Crossposting enables you to become the admin of the video, as much as we are, and thanks to this option, you will be able to create multiple independent posts to your Facebook fanpage. It's a very beneficial option because the statistics of the video come from both of our accounts, which means that the film reaches much bigger audience. 

2. No logo/watermark, use of the content determined by time
If you want to receive a physical video file or image files without our watermark, you may consider 'renting' the content for a desired period (anytime from 6 months up to 10 years) and calculate the cost using AOP Usage Rights Calculator.

3. No logo/watermark, exclusive use of the content
If you want to receive a physical video file or image files without our watermark and solely for your own use for unlimited time, you are more than welcome to buy their copyrights from us. Please let us know about this and we will calculate the costs according to the AOP Usage Rights Calculator.

If the above options do not suit you, please feel free to let us know about it - we will come up with a solution satisfiable for both sides.

Can I make changes to the film after it’s finished?

You can make minor changes after the film is finished (your logo appearing for couple of more seconds, scenes being swapped with other ones, etc.), however please bear in mind that it will require exporting the final film file again, which means that you will have to wait at least a few hours to receive the improved version.

To avoid delays & waiting, it is best if we discuss all the ideas before we even start making the movie - this way the final file will be the closest to the one that you have imagined. 

Before we start our work, please think whether you would like any other subtitles, besides your logo, to appear in the film or whether there are any special places or activities that you want us to film. Even details like a particular font or how long you want your logo to be shown are very important to think about.

Unfortunately we are not able to change the music accompanying the footage anytime after the start of the editing process.

What music will you use for my video?

We will discuss the music mood and style before starting the project, and we will do our best to choose the most suitable music for your film. We will use the music whose copyrights allow us for commercial usage. Usually we try to pitch an idea for the style and genre of the song before the project, but choose the actual song after we finish filming as then we have a better idea of what sort of footage we collected - fast pace/slow pace, contemporary/classic, energetic/melancholic. If you have a certain song in your mind, please let us know about it, but please be sure to check that its copyrights allow for commercial use or please be ready to cover the costs of the copyrights.

Do you also do styling of the hotel rooms/spaces?

Yes. Sometimes the rooms / apartments look empty and this makes them look plain in the film / photographs, same goes to other spaces. We make sure that they look the best they can so we aim to use all the available objects / decorations that are at our disposal, to make them look attractive for the viewer’s eye. 

How can I be sure that you will do a good job?

If you're hesitating please check our Testimonials - so far all of our clients have been extremely happy with what we have created for them. You can also ask us as many questions as you want so that we are clear about your vision.

What equipment and techniques do you use? Why is your camera so small?

We use a high quality Sony camera for filming, which films in slow motion, 4k and HD. Besides that, we film in a particular 'grey' colour mode - this way we have control over the colours we can apply in post production, which makes your video different from a standard video of your competitor. 
We use a special stabilisation system, which makes the footage smooth and lets the viewer feel as if they were 'there'. 
Our camera is small because we travel a lot and we don't like carrying unneeded things, however as you can read above - we ensure your video is in the highest quality and the size of the camera doesn't matter in this case.

We also use a DJI drone for filming and photographing - simply an aerial camera, which lets the viewer enjoy the perspective that they wouldn't be able to see otherwise.

We photograph with Canon 5D camera and two lenses. A wide lens ideal for the architecture and landscapes, and a standard lens ideal for closeups and portraits.

For underwater shots, we're equipped with a GoPro camera.

We also travel with a Canon Speedlite flash, however this is only used in particular cases, as we value natural light over the artificial.

Can I watch / be there whilst you're photographing/filming?

Of course - you're invited to do so, however we would appreciate if you didn't stand behind us trying to peek on the camera as that often delays us, make our batteries go flat sooner and makes us bump into each other. So as much as you and your team are invited to be around, it's sometimes challenging to film a place if we need to ask you to move from one corner to another so that you're not in the camera's viewfinder. We ensure you we are experienced in working independently and strive to always achieve the best results.

Can you take personal photographs or
photographs of my family?

We would be happy to take beautiful portraits of you/your family, however this would be treated as a separate project to making the photographs and/or film about your hotel/resort/brand/cafe. This means we would have to discuss additional rates or other form of payment for our time spent doing the family photographs. Do not hesitate to ask us about this!